• Thit Juul Madsen

  • Emiliano Duch

  • Morten Østergaard

  • Matti Vanska

  • Nigel Gwynne-Evans

  • Pontus Braunerhjelm

  • Jørgen Mads Clausen

  • James Wilson

  • Lotte Langkilde

  • Gerardo Patacconi

  • Chris MacDonald

  • Christian Ketels

  • Hugo A. Lara García

  • Joe Cortright

  • Tom Hynek

  • Göran Lindqvist

  • Anders Hoffmann

  • Arne Isaksen

  • Michael Enright

  • Anders Eldrup

  • Adrian Wooldridge

  • Paul Cornillon

  • Örjan Sölvell

  • Betina Simonsen

  • Jens Oddershede

  • Marco Malacarne

  • Madeline Smith

Thit Juul Madsen

Head of Secretariat, Design2Innovate, Plenary speaker

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Emiliano Duch

Lead Private Sector Development Specialist, World Bank, Plenary speaker

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Morten Østergaard

Minister, Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Education, Plenary speaker

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Nigel Gwynne-Evans

Chief Director, Trade and Sector Development, Cape Town Department of Economic Development, Plenary speaker

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Pontus Braunerhjelm

Managing Director, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, Plenary speaker

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Jørgen Mads Clausen

Chairman of the Board, Danfoss, Plenary speaker

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James Wilson

Director of Territory, Innovation & Clusters, Orkestra, Plenary speaker

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Lotte Langkilde

Director, REG X, Plenary speaker

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Gerardo Patacconi

Chief of Cluster and Business Linkages, UNIDO, Plenary speaker

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Chris MacDonald

Coach, Strong Body, Strong Mind, Plenary speaker

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Christian Ketels

President, - The Competitiveness Institute, Plenary speaker

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Hugo A. Lara García

Chairman of the Board, Nuevo León Clusters, Plenary speaker

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Göran Lindqvist

Director of Research, Stockholm School of Economics, Plenary speaker

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Anders Hoffmann

Deputy Director General, Danish Business Authority, Plenary speaker

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Arne Isaksen

Professor, University of Agder, Plenary speaker

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Michael Enright

Director, Enright, Scott & Associates, Plenary speaker

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Anders Eldrup

Chairman, Offshoreenergy.dk & Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, Plenary speaker

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Adrian Wooldridge

Management Editor, The Economist, Plenary speaker

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Paul Cornillon

Senior Vice President, R&D, Arla , Plenary speaker

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Örjan Sölvell

Professor, Stockholm School of Economics, Plenary speaker

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Betina Simonsen

Managing director, Innonet Lifestyle Interior & Clothing, Plenary speaker

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Jens Oddershede

Rector, Member of the Chairmanship of the Southern Denmark Growth Forum, University of Southern Denmark, Plenary speaker

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Madeline Smith

Head of Strategy, Institute of Design Innovation, Glasgow School of Art, Plenary speaker

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To the 16th Annual Global Conference Kolding, Denmark

The 16th Annual Global Conference will address the critical question: How can clusters innovate through various types of strategic partnerships?

This year’s conference provides a unique opportunity for cluster practitioners, policy-makers, business executives and academics to advance our understanding of strategic innovation partnerships in clusters, and to work towards practical solutions.

The conference takes place in Kolding in the Region of Southern Denmark on 3-6 September 2013. Travelling to Kolding is convenient and easy. For travel and hotel information click here.

In the Region of Southern Denmark, clusters are part of our DNA. The private sector, public authorities and knowledge institutions all play an active role in developing our regional clusters within Energy Efficiency, Welfare Technology, Offshore and Design. Collaboration within our clusters, between our clusters and across geographical borders are key factors for driving competitiveness.

We are eager to share our experiences and to listen to and learn from cluster practitioners from all over the world on how we can improve our way of thinking about clusters.

We look forward to seeing you in Denmark in September 2013!

Latest news

Academic Summit: Want to publish your paper?

September 18, 2013

Speakers at the Academic Summit have the opportunity to publish their papers in the special issue of International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business.

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Stay connected

September 12, 2013

We encourage delegates to keep using the hashtag #2013 in order to continue discussions and find potential collaboration partners. If your mind is already set for the next 2014 confernence in Mexico – why not use #2014 in your communication or check out the webpage for next year’s conference at www.tci2014.org

Professional pictures from the conference

September 12, 2013

All official conference pictures will be available by the end of Friday 13 September at:  www.flickr.com/tci-network

Recall nice memories from the conference

September 12, 2013

Throughout the conference a lot of people contributed with key learnings, pictures and videos on Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to recall some of the nice memories and statements you can find them all here:www.tagboard.com/tci2013.

If you are looking for a quick impression and overview of the conference why not check out the short diary we created on Storify.

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Connect: Access to all conference materials

September 12, 2013

Log into connect at the conference webpage (www.tci2013.com) to access all the presentations from the conference, to find a list of who attended the conference and to link-up directly with other conference participants through LinkedIn and Skype.

All presentations are also available at Slideshares: http://www.slideshare.net/tcinetwork

What do you think about this year’s conference?

September 12, 2013

What did you like and what could be improved at this year’s conference? Please spend 3 minutes on answering a few questions in the questionnaire that you find here.  Please fill out the questionnaire before Friday 20 September. Your input is valuable to us and to next year´s conference organizers!

Thank you

September 12, 2013

Thank you very much for participating in the 16th Annual Global conference in Kolding, Denmark. It was indeed an honor to welcome you all and we hope you arrived home safely with a smile on you face, good memories, a lot of new contacts and new knowledge on clusters, innovation and competitiveness. We hope to see you next year in Monterrey, Mexico.

Best regards the conference team

Are you interested in the cluster comic?

September 10, 2013

The comic “Clusters and Your Economy” that was presented at the 2013 conference will be available for sale through the University of Southern Denmark later this fall. If you are interested in a copy at this stage, please send a mail to lotte@regx.dk. The price is 8 EUR .   


Kolding Theme Song

September 10, 2013

At the Gala Dinner of this year’s conference the brand new Kolding Theme song was released and performed by the choir.

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Movie Offshoreenergy.dk

August 31, 2013

Offshoreenergy.dk is a national competence and innovation centre for the Danish offshore industry. Watch the movie here. Read full article »